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From -400 € on a selection of armchairs and sofas

From June 14 to July 28, 2024. See models

mo Sofas

Maximum comfort and personalization in Stressless, Fama, Moradillo sofas and armchairs. We can also help you if you are looking for bed sofas and lift-up relax armchairs.

Custom rest

Notice the difference between sleeping in a personalized bed and advised you to have a veritable rest while sleeping. Prestigious firms such as Hästens, Swissflex, Confolar, Auriga or Astral Nature.


Wide range of menjadors, wardrobes, bedrooms, office, youth, sofas, armchairs. Free decoration project with different prices. Specialists in personal rest.

Mobles Morató

About us

We are a family business founded in 1953, with the mission of offering furniture and decoration projects, and also to offer rest, both day and night.

Our vision is to be the reference partner in the sector, in terms of customer confidence and satisfaction.

Since its foundation and over the years, the values ​​of proximity, simplicity and service to the maximum detail have been part of the company’s corporate culture.

With our remodeling in 2009, opening the facade and making it transparent, we have achieved a unique and welcoming atmosphere in all sections of our showroom in Vilafranca del Penedès.

There you can imagine projects that are tailor-made or standard for all corners of your home, whether with a contemporary ambience or a more vintage touch, with classic, colonial or rustic connotations.

We also have a wide selection of custom sleep equipment, as well as high quality ergonomic and design armchairs and sofas.